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To succeed inside Better Beyond Divorce you'll have to take an active role in your own healing. I'll give you the process, the step by step instructions and lots of support. I'll go with you into the uncomfortable inner places. But I can't do the work for you, just like your personal trainer can't do your pushups. 

To heal from your divorce and take back control of your future happiness you have to participate in the action - you can't just watch from the sidelines. I'll give you the steps to take, but you have to follow them and do the work. The video above is the first step.
In Better Beyond Divorce I help men stop the overwhelming pain, find their confidence and finally wake up excited for the future without writing off women, going to endless therapy sessions or watching another generic self help video.

What you'll achieve

  • Move through strong emotions smoothly, without overwhelm or panic - master the skill of Limbic Awareness, so you can speak directly to the emotional brain and stop getting hijacked by your pain.
  • Peace within your own mind and body - turn off the negative self talk and constant regret and finally feel at home in your own skin.​
  • Wake up excited about your life and your future - without spiraling thoughts or intrusive images of your ex’s new life or partner
  • Children (+family & friends) who feel supported, loved and connected to you - instead of living with a husk of the man you once were.​
  • ​Healthy, happy relationships - without bringing old patterns or baggage from your marriage into them.

Better Beyond Divorce has completely changed my relationships.

Hi, I’m Rachael.

I’m a Certified Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner.

I started out working with women, but it wasn’t long before a few men reached out and wanted to work with me. I was shocked by those first few experiences coaching men.

As clients they were among the most sincere, dedicated and personally accountable people I had worked with… and they were also the most villainized, by their ex wives and even by their own therapists and coaches. I started to see how much of the culture around women’s empowerment was anything but empowering. The women ended up bitter or angry and the men came out deeply depressed, doubting their own worth as human beings.

I knew that there had to be a way to help these men see the goodness within themselves that was so clear to me. But what they could understand logically didn’t seem to impact their deeply painful emotional experience.

Those first men who worked with me taught me about the incredible resilience of the human brain and the human heart. It was through my work with them that I discovered Limbic Awareness, the skill of speaking directly to the emotional brain.

When my clients started developing Limbic Awareness three incredible things began to happen:

1.  Their previously intolerable emotions became manageable

2.  They were able to forgive their own mistakes, let go of regret and resentment and find their confidence

3.  They started attracting and building deep, honest, authentic relationships

That’s how the Heartbreak to Happiness System was born. Thanks to them, I now have a clear, simple strategy for developing and leveraging Limbic Awareness that I can share with you. If enough of us learn this skill, we could revolutionize relationships across the board... that's my vision.

What Better Beyond Divorce Members are saying...

"Working with Rachael has been amazing. I want to stress she has been a godsend for me... together we are getting thru some of the toughest times in my life and I NOW FEEL its OK I GOT THIS. I thank God I found her on YouTube it's been life saving.”

Divorced after 30 year marriage

“Do it! Whatever it takes, whatever you seemingly have to give up or postpone… do it. You will get it back in spades in a thousand different ways.”


“The fact I’m writing this three months after I was told [that she was divorcing me] makes me sort of laugh because I didn’t think I would see any hope or light for years. But I see hope and light as I type this, and even feel a little excited on the rare occasion.”

Separated after 35 years of marriage

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